All-time favourite characters - Tallahassee

“Where are you, you spongy, yellow, delicious bastards?”

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chill + events

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“There are two facts that tend to amaze people,” says Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. “That during my whole life I’ve only spent four weeks total in L.A. and that I’ve never been to Comic-Con.”

Daniel Radcliffe shared is first-ever Comic-Con experience with us. 

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This is true. I saw a documentary about it. Men’s orgasm faces are allowed in teenage comedies rated PG13, but women’s orgasm faces can often push it into NC-17 territory, no joke.

This is pretty much the equation:

women receiving abuse = PG-13/R

women receiving pleasure = R/NC-17

Ugh. I did a speech on this shit, and watched the documentary about it. Pisses me the fuck off.

So absolutely ridiculous. Yes, please, show us being raped, murdered, mutilated; but don’t you dare show us engaging in sexual gratification. Because that would be…obscene.

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Kurt it’s like ‘Who should I ask?’ ‘oh HOTGUYHOTGUYHOTGUY’

ask him.

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Daniel Radcliffe talks about dressing up as Spider-Man at Comic Con x

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Urban Jewelry: Lace Street Art by NeSpoon

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when you send risky text messages


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